Monday, August 15, 2016


The Complete List of Comedogenic Oils

An oil that has a comedogenic rating of 0 is widely believed to be non comedogenic and will not clog your pores.
A comedogenic rating of 1 signifies a slight chance that the oil will clog your pores.
A comedogenic rating of 2 tells you that the oil will not clog pores for MOST people, but some will begin to notice clogged pores or a “purge” in some cases.
A comedogenic rating of 3 is where a lot of people will break out using this oil, but a lot of people may not break out depending on their skin type.
A comedogenic rating of 4 suggests that MOST people will break out using this oil unless they have a good tolerance to it. This largely depends on a number of skin type factors.
A comedogenic rating of 5 is basically a guaranteed chance of breaking out. Very very few people can tolerate oils labeled as a 5, but they do exist!

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prairiegirl said...

Wow. Now I'm going to check all my bottles of potions...looking for low numbers!
You are super knowledgeable on all things natural.
Thanks for this valuable info! 💙