Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007


My love of gardening bloomed at an early age. Toying with the likes of a child's indoor greenhouse, receives from a breakfast cereal. Living on a farm for most of my life nurtures the green thumb syndrome. Living, growing things surrounded me. Teaching me the changing of each season's toll and miracles upon each plant and tree. I always loved to grow mint! It is hardy, fast growing and fragrant. One can rarity succeed in killing and de-rooting mint. Perfect to practise my growing technique upon. My mother, a wonderful garderer, gave me a spot of ground to do what my heart desired. I experimented with carnations, aloe, avacado seeds and roses. When I was first married we had a small-SMALL patie and I had potted plants. I nutured these plants, although they grew beyond potted life and I slowly gave up. Without an outdoor hose, I trudged water in a large pitcher and watered these remaining few plants. Summer's heat won. Later when we moved into an abode with ACTUAL SOIL my green thumbs blossomed! Removing the has-beens and planting herbs, flowers and bulbs. I love herbs! Sage, thyme, lemon balm, of course - mint and rosemary. Rosemary's petite blue flower bloom year-round. So easy to grow - and with scened, flavoriful rewards. My lamb's ear between two roses. Its soft and furry leaves are serene. There is a place in Cambria with a large garden of flower, shrubs, herbs and climbing things - Heart's Ease Herb Shop & Garden.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hmmm...two strokes - picture of the brain-1/4 "broke" Many, many seizures. Spleen, heart, lung, leg & brain blood clots. Blood disease...mystery.

"Like having your head very slowly run over by every tire on an 18 wheeler."

"Don't let it beat you."

Saturday, March 17, 2007



I found her in some boxes. I put her in a jar. Months later I thought she was dead. Then "Alive! It's alive!1 IT'S ALIVE!!!"

In pace requiescat! (Latin)


NO...I WISH!!! :)

My garden - sage, thyme, rosemary, mints, lemon balm, lamb's ear, common thrift, bacopa, pincushion flower, anna greenway nettle, lots and lots lavender, flower-me-not, lupine, catnip, chamomile, basil, shasta daisy, etc.