Saturday, June 4, 2016


I have problem(s)...

What sound annoys you?

1. chewing gum with his/her mouth open
2. loud breathing 
3. nail picking 
4. phones ringing for too long
5. the pattern of repetition on a scratched cd 
6. snoring
7. hearing sudden loud noises late at night, repeatedly, at irregular intervals
8. motorcycles running up and down the street
9. beeping answering machines
10. the sound of someone eating with his/her mouth open
11. the sound of one hand clapping
12. leaf blowers
13. a permanent case of post-nasal drip
14. kids giggling, screaming, crying, voices, etc.
15. chewing ice
16. music that I am not actively listening to
17. TV/radio that is on in another room
18. someone who has a bag of chips and eats the whole thing a few at a time
19. loud swallowing
20. people who inhale their snot back up their nose and then swallow the snot
21. fluorescent hum
22. the sound of the jaw joint popping, while chewing food 
23. men groaning while working out at the gym
24. people bounce their legs while sitting down
25. styrofoam rubbing against styrofoam 
26. snorting (Grammie!!!)
27. talking on the phone while eating
28. digging, crunch, smacking & chomping on popcorn
29. smacking lips
30. people talking and arguing loudly on their cell phones while in restaurants or a market.
31. the sound of someone eating an apple/peach/etc.
32. when my cat licks itself
33. saliva sounds
34. really loud coughing
35. bumping bass in cars
36. the substitution of the word "like" for "um"
37. people with nonstop pressured speaking
38. stirring certain foods like macaroni and cheese or egg salad...that sticky, schlurpy, gushy sound
39. scraping the bottom of yogurt containers
40. repeated throat clearing
41. microwave beeping
42. "little girl voices" women
43. licking fingers
44. loud burping


sage and spirit said...

May I add...
screaming kids....especially when they are in the park next to my house.
crying babies in restaurants.


yes :)

prairiegirl said...

My list matches your list. Numbers 14 & 30 DEFINATELY.
Also, candy wrappers, chip bags, popcorn bags rattling in the movie theater.
And, when people scuff their shoes when they walk because they don't lift their feet up...I hate that sound.
You said leaf blowers...ditto big time on the sound of leaf blowers! And weed wackers.
What an interesting post today, Steph! :))
I think I'm going to be thinking about it a lot now. Adding to the list in my head! Lol


*sigh* "random facts, nonsense, etc" brain ;) "I'm smart. My mother had me tested!" :D