Monday, May 5, 2014


Ida In Norway Lives In A Cave For A Year

19 -year-old is in her third year in agriculture and horticulture school in Aurland, and lives in a cave located in the middle of a cloak in the mountainside above the school. Ida sleeps on straw, a few mats and a military blanket. Here she can sleep comfortable when outside it may be minus 20 out.

Inspired by a friend. She has lived in the mountain cave since last May and it was the love of the cave that brought her here.
It was actually really wonderful and exciting to wake up out here with birds singing, fresh air and a little breeze, means something quite different than to wake up in a house and and never bother to go out of bed.

To get up to the cave one must climb down an escapement of around 100 meters filled with canyons and large rocks in various positions. At first it was hard having to to this late at night. Now it is not so bad unless there is bad weather .
"It’s best to live out here in the peace and quiet.  The most important thing I have learned is that Norwegians live in a completely unnecessary materialism.  I think we have forgotten where we come from," she says.

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sage and spirit said...

I love this. Always wanted to be a hermit. In a cave.