Sunday, July 26, 2009


Great atmosphere is what brings people into Teazer World Tea Market.

The instant one enters, the smell of tea is in the air, like burning incense.

The natural light from the sun brightens up the room and the atmosphere is calm.

The walls are painted bright green and orange with Chinese paintings on the walls.

Different shapes and sizes of colorful teacups and pots sit all around the shop.

“The atmosphere is like Cheers, everyone knows each other by name and it is a relaxed vibe to work in,”said Mike Adame, a Teazer’s employee. “Before working here I was not that into tea. There is so much to learn about tea.”

“Teazer’s”offers more than 120 different tea flavors, as well as mixed drinks.

They offer both bottled tea, which is already made, and loose tea, which is dry until brewed and water is added.

The flavor in loose tea is said to be healthier for you because it is stronger and the nutrients and oil come out better.

“For it to have a long “shelf life” the packaging company adds an agent to make it last until we sell it,” said employee Toshak Yaakop.

Yaakop is from Asia and enjoys working at “Teazer’s” for a different reason than Adame.

“My best memory of my father was when I was little and we would sit and drink very hot tea together,” Yaakop said. “It was our bonding time together.”

For the past three years, “Teazer’s” has been partner-owned by Ann McAtee and Ferry Santoso, who have hired a staff that does not go unnoticed to go along with the variety of teas they offer.

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